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Why join the Pony Club?

Membership Benefits

Becoming a Pony Club member offers a range of great benefits - see below for more details!



The Pony Club offers nine different sports, more than any other equestrian organisation! As a centre we will be running lots of monte Rallies alongside our regular unmounted Rallies.



As a Pony Club member you can work towards our range of Achievement Badges, Mini Achievement Badges, Advanced Achievement Badges and Sport Badges, learning vital skills along the way!

You can also improve your riding and horse care skills by working up through The Pony Club Tests.



As a member you can represent your Club in local, regional and national competitions.

A range of non-riding competitions are also available such as the National Quiz, Winter Triathlon and Horse and Pony Care!



As well as rallies and competitions, Clubs also arrange a variety of social activities and local visits. We are even running our own camp for members only!


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